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Your contributions are what make it possible for us to develop and deliver our programs.

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As a tree owner, you get first preference to receive a portion of the harvested fruit if you wish.

You will receive technical advice on caring your trees.

Your yard will be kept clean of rotten fruits at no expense.

As a "fruit picker", you can get free fruit that is locally grown and fresh. With the skills you learn at our food preservation workshops, you will be able to preserve and store fruit for the winter season.

As a sponsor, you can receive the opportunity to play a vital role in the project through donations and funding.

How it works

Most residential tree owners can’t—or don’t—use all the fruit produced on their properties, much of it falls to the ground and rots. Mississauga residents can register their trees and teams of volunteer pickers harvest the fruit once it’s ripe. One-third of the picked fruit goes to the homeowner if they wish, one-third to the volunteers and one-third to local community groups, such as food banks who are always short on fresh produce. Please contact us if you'd like to come help pick or know of a tree that needs to be picked! We are currently looking for volunteers to help harvest and to help organize picks, as well as trees to pick. 

Contact us to have your trees picked for the  2013 Harvest Season

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